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Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2001


               I thought I had more info. about Almina Sellers Abbott,

          but the only thing I could find was the typed version of her obit.

          sent to me by a Sellers cousin. So, I decided to go ahead and

          send it as an attachment. This obit was originally sent to my cousin

          by Vivian Barbier, since deceased. She was the granddaughter of

          John & Almina. She also sent a note along with the obit.. She said

          her grandmother (Almina) would sometimes talk about when she was

          a young child. She told of how her mother (Matilda) had remarried to

          Samuel Osborn, and how he would load the family into the wagon,

          and search for hours and hours to find a piece of land to purchase.

          She also said she (Almina) had a total dislike for the man. If you haven't

          found it already, click onto Scott County on my page, and scroll down to

          the Abbott Census information. Good luck with your research, and if you

          have any other questions, contact me.

                                                                                        Dan S.


Extract of Obituary Almina Sellers Abbott:



            Mrs Almina Sellers died at the home of Wilson Chamberlain of Pearl Tuesday, May 14, 1918 after an illness of several weeks. The funeral was held at Green Pond Church Thursday May 14, 1918  conducted by Rev. West of Pearl. Interment in Green Pond Cemetery.

            The deceased was the widow of the late John H. Abbott who preceded her in death August 8, 1910. She was born November 19, 1830 in Nashville, Tennessee and as a small child came to Illinois with her parents. She was united in marriage October 4, 1856 to John H. Abbott at Naples, ILL. And to this union nine children were born, five of whom survive her. John of this city (Pittsfield), Gus of Jacksonville, Horace of Green Pond, Robin of Indianapolis, Indiana, and Ernest of North Venace, IL.

            She has spent most of her life in Pike County and her early life in Bluffs and Naples and has a large number if relatives and friends living there.


Received from Vivian Abbott Barbier.

Children of Almina Sellers Abbott


1. Emma             b. Naples, Scott Co. IL 1859

        Cato                                    b. Naples

August (Gus) Wahington     b. Naples

Charles                                b. Naples

5. John M.          b. Naples, IL m/Laura Main  had 4 or 5 ch  John Leland 1901 WWI, WWII living 1965 Ft. Myers, Fla: married  no children

6. Ella                 b. Naples, IL  m/?? Pitts

7. Horace           b. near Pearl, Pike Co., IL May  10, 1869: d/ Feb 4, 1946  m/ Mar  24, 1898 Susanna (Susie) Silbert Matthews

8. Robin (Robb) b. near Pearl, Pike Co., IL

9. Ernest            b. Naples  June 11, 18??